Free Introductory Lesson

Your first lesson is free! You will be dancing right from the beginning lesson, giving you a flavor of what the Dance Sergio studio experience is all about.

Wedding Program

Give an extraordinary gift you can share with your partner-to-be—learning to dance for your wedding. Imagine confidently striding onto the dance floor for your first dance as husband and wife, romantically moving to the rhythm of your favorite song while all eyes are upon you! It’s a moment you will treasure forever, and your smooth moves on the floor will create and fulfill that memory. Dancing takes time and it is recommended you start four to six months before your wedding day, especially if you are newcomers to dancing. Keep in mind that dance lessons can actually be a great stress reliever during this hectic time! If you wish to dance to a special song, please bring a recording to your lessons.

Basic Program

The Basic Program shows you the fundamentals of dancing, incorporating technique, rhythm and the combined processes for each style. We’ll teach you how to lead and follow so that you’ll have the confidence to step out on the dance floor without fear. It’s the perfect dance program to get you started—and it’s very popular with those wanting to see fast results.

Bronze Program

Designed to make you a well-rounded social dancer, our Bronze Program trains you to dance equally well with seasoned dancers as well as those who don’t dance at all. You will become a popular and desirable dance partner, delivering a relaxed conversational experience using dance as your language. With the Bronze Program, you can have fun dancing anywhere, anytime, and with anyone—all while becoming fit and healthy. The relaxing techniques and poise you’ll learn will help your confidence both on and off the dance floor, and the dancing techniques will be yours to keep forever.

Silver Program

When you’re ready to shine on the dance floor, the Silver Program gives you a more accomplished appearance. The dance lessons focus on variety, continuity, style and polish. The Silver Program enhances the grace and smoothness of more advance dance steps, completing the majority of social dance elements while introducing stylish movements that make your performance flow gracefully.

Gold Program

The Gold Program is the pinnacle of dancing showmanship and poise. You will learn to develop the polish and flair of professional dancers, add to your repertoire of dances and figures with stylish actions and flair-filled movements, and experience an even greater sense of accomplishment with your dance performances

Group Classes

Dance Sergio also has daily group dance classes for all levels! Read more.